David Bradley

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"While the Indian is sleeping, his homeland is being turned into a huge tourist attraction - Hollywood on the Rio Grande"

"American Indians constitute the smallest segment of minorities or "People of color" in the United States. In the multi-cultural feeding frenzy surrounding the theme of 1992, American Indians face the danger of being swallowed-up and neutralized by the huge "people of color" movement whose wide agenda threatens to deny our unique voice and identity with the same nullifying effect as the dominant white culture."
"We artists are called upon to perform the "living-in-two-worlds" balancing act in the public arena more than most other Indians….We have an opportunity to promote Indian truths and at the same time help dispel the myths and stereotypes that are projected upon us".
Excerpts from David Bradley Statement “1992, the Year of the Political Indian"

"I…use repeatedly certain symbols which you could call popular cultural iconography like the “American Gothic,” “Mona Lisa,” “Whistlers Mother”… as archetypical images everyone can relate to. Then you take it from that point of the familiar into the new and unfamiliar and you involve it in humorous or more complicated situations. juxtapose things and just fit all these symbols, archetypical things, clichés in amongst my own creations."